Textile Chemicals & Auxiliaries

textile chemicals

Textile Auxiliaries, Optical Brighteners, After-treatment Chemicals.

Textile Dyes

textile dyeing plant

Textile Dyestuff for Reactive, Disperse, Acid, Basic Dyeing and Printing Dyes.

Textile Enzymes

Cellulase, Catalase, Amylase Enzymes used after pre-treatment.

Textile Silicones

textile silicones

Silicon softeners and silicon oils used in pre-treatment.

Alfa Kimya İstanbul merkez

Alfa Kimya

Your Partner in Textile Chemistry

Established in 1983, Alfa Kimya started business in Textile Auxiliaries Trading. Later on, Alfa Kimya signed several representative agent agreements with Far East dyestuff manufacturers to start import and marketing of Reactive, Disperse, Acid, Basic and Printing dyes. During the following years, started its own co-production of textile Auxiliaries together with Stockhausen GmbH of Germany (Türk-Stockhausen A.Ş.). Today, Alfa Kimya, manufactures and trades more than 350 different products in its own facilities for mainly Textile Industry as well as Construction and Detergent Industries.

For our Textile Auxiliaries product group, besides Novozymes (Denmark) as an Exclusive Distributor, we are the agents of Protex-International (France), Indo Colchem (India) and Zheijang Runtu (China), serving the complete needs of the Textile Auxiliary needs of our customers.

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