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Alfa Kimya Company exists and works for unconditional customer satisfaction. It aims to resolve the customer needs, queries and problems through its technical staff, specialists and advisory team of qualified managers; develops the most efficient and creative solutions to help the demanding textile manufacturers market.
By intimate dialogues and realistic approaches, products and/or services are planned well ahead to enable a timely and faultless delivery.
Alfa Kimya personnel are responsible and professional team members who can think strategically; they have an analytical mind.
  They are "players of the game" dedicated to share and contribute to development in quality while coping with a fast changing international business environment in the "communication era". They are forward looking, quality conscious and can utilise their judgement and personal capabilities most efficiently.

We are proud of what we have achieved and are ready to challenges with problems laying ahead of us. Yet, we believe that our success and pride sources from the strong feeling of unity and co-operation, our "partnership".

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